Why Is The Exam Ethics Campaign Necessary?

The challenge is huge. Between 1996 and 2016: public examination boards in Nigeria organized exams for about 85,000,00 candidates out of which over 9,900,000 results were cancelled on account of  exam malpractice, which has developed into organized criminal enterprise with exam magic or special centers as fronts; 6500 schools identified magic centers include private schools-55%, community schools-16%, government schools-14%; schools operated by religious organizations-11,; others-4%; over 10,000 (ten thousand) exam administrators were caught and announced for aiding and abetting exam malpractice including mass cheating and collusion.  Reports confirm increasing level of exam malpractice, academic dishonesty and corruption in tertiary institution (sorting). Increase in campus cultism and schools being targets of choice for criminals create safety and security challenges to make matters worse. Nigeria has Exam Malpractice Index (EMI) of 13.0, one of the highest in the world. Because education is the source code for raising of human resource assets and institutions for nations, exam malpractice eventually results in pervasive, systemic and institutionalized corruption and incompetence with attendant negative consequences of life and death proportions. It is now evident that nations cannot win the anti-corruption war if the exam malpractice battle is not fought and won; hence the necessity for the exam ethics campaign.

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