What Is The Process Of Registration As Exam Ethics Marshal Or Student?

The process is simple. Exam Ethics operates a self-recruited volunteer membership programme. Stakeholders including teachers, lecturers, principals, parents, proprietors, administrators, inspectors, non-teaching staff, etc. willing to commit to exam ethics ideology and operational codes can volunteer to enlist as Marshals. Students willing to commit to philosophy, ideology and principles of Exam Ethics students can also volunteer to enlist. Just visit www.examethicsmarshals.org/register, to register online and linkup with and participate in activities of your school chapters. If no chapter exists, champion the establishment of a chapter with support of your CEO and guidance from national secretariat. No other special authorization or approval is required from exam ethic national secretariat to establish school chapters. Special recognition and honors are reserved for founders of institutional chapters. One of the functions of the Excel Partnership Project is to organize induction programmes for new exam ethics marshals and students. 

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