Why Was The Exam Ethics Excel Partnership Project Launched?

The Exam Ethics Excel Partnership Project (Exam Ethics Project) is a special purpose project vehicle to mobilize and inspire all Exam Ethics structures, partners and stakeholders in education ministries, agencies and institutions to work together to promote vision, mission, objectives, philosophy and core values of Exam Ethics  in their institutions.  The Project is implemented at two levels:  for tertiary education (Campus Orientation Programme for Students - COPS) and for Basic and Secondary Education-BASE.  COPS focuses on empowering students in tertiary institutions to understand and comply with exam ethics, safe school and win-win conflict resolution protocols as well as understand and avoid dangers of exam malpractice and cultism. BASE focuses on helping students to excel in exams based on ethics compliant principles without recourse to exam malpractice. The Excel partnership project incorporates inauguration of Exam Ethics Patrons and Chapters of Exam Ethics Marshals and students in institutions and distribution of books. The Project was approved for implementation in Nigeria in 2003 by the 50th National Council on Education (NCE), the highest policy organ in education of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, held in Yenogoa, Bayelsa State between 19th and 25th October, 2003 (FME/S./C.25/2003/1/45 of 3RD December 2003).

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